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Election Signs

 § 475-167 Political Signs

A political sign is a sign that promotes the nomination or election of a particular candidate, a particular political party or particular election issues during any phase of the election process.  Political signs are allowed on private property without a permit at any time.

§ 475-157  Prohibited Signs

A.  No "revolving beacon," "fountain" or "flashing" signs which are of such intensity and so located that they  could detract a motorist's vision from normal safe driving shall be permitted in any district.

B.  No sign in any district shall conflict in any manner with the purpose or operation of public devices controlling public traffic.

C.  Except as otherwise allowed in this article, no overhanging or freestanding signs, including but not limited to political signs, business signs or personal signs, shall be permitted in any public right-of-way, or extend over the curb, gutter or roadway except those traffic control and direction devices erected and approved by a public agency having jurisdiction or as otherwise allowed herein.

D.  No sign shall be located in a manner to constitute a traffic hazard.

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